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They say that art is all around us–never miss an inspiration with this set of travel cards. Packed with prompts that offer different ways to see the world, this set brings insight to the everyday. From challenges (“find a piece of art that mirrors your exact feeling–right now”) to new ways of thinking (“find something that you don’t understand–embrace it”), this deck of 75 cards lets you appreciate art wherever you are.

Suitable for exploring art anywhere (galleries, museums, or out-and-about), this handy deck of 75 cards offers a unique approach to art appreciation. With a mix of concrete actions and whimsical prompts—from “Stop in front of a painting that you like. Call someone you miss and describe it” to “Imagine you lived inside a piece of art. Which piece would you choose and why?”—this creative guide will appeal to anyone looking to experience art in new and different ways.