Schmidt Artist’s Gourmet Chest


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Makes a unique Gourmet Gift for Artists and Art Lovers!

Every year Lebkuchen Schmidt works with designers to develop the new line of Chests and Tins. Each year Schmidt introduces a Chest and Tin showcasing the work of a famous painter and painting. This year not only has the illustration changed – the Chest has turned into a suitcase! 

The 2016 Art Suitcase showcases the works of world famous artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir – a leading Impressionist – whose works are characterized by cheerfulness and sensuousness. Read our Blog post about the paintings depicted on this fabulous Suitcase Chest.

  • Featuring Pierre-Auguste Renior, one of the leaders of the Impressionist art movement.
  • Premium Elisen-Lebkuchen bars, chocolate coated, 125 g
  • Premium chocolate Elisen duo, 160 g
  • White Lebkuchen, decorated with almonds, 150 g
  • Small Art Tin 2016, filled with Premium Elisen-Lebkuchen bars, assorted, 125 g
  • Spicy Speculatius Biscuits, 125 g
  • Lebkuchen Stars, assorted, 175 g
  • Milk Chocolate Fruit Cookies, 200 g